The Importance of Gynecological Care

From adolescence to menopause and beyond, women have medical needs that are unique to them. 

Visiting a general medical practice can meet some of your health needs as a woman, but only board-certified gynecologists like Julie Madejski, MD, have specialized knowledge of female reproductive organs and health issues specific to women.

At Artemis Advanced Office Gynecology in Lockport, New York, you can get help and support for a variety of gynecological needs at every age. Here, our team shares why it’s important for you to regularly receive gynecological care.

Gynecology: The profession that specializes in women

Gynecology is the branch of medicine that focuses entirely on women’s health needs. This includes everything from your reproductive organs to your hormones to your overall physical and mental health.

Our team at Artemis Advanced Office Gynecology recommends you begin seeing a gynecologist for an annual well-woman exam in adolescence and continue into your golden years, whether or not you’re sexually active. 

You might think of the well-woman exam as the time you get a Pap smear, but your visit extends far beyond that. At a well-woman exam, we assess your overall health and address any specific concerns and needs related to your age and lifestyle.

Topics our clinicians discuss with you can include vaccines, birth control, menstrual or other vaginal bleeding or discharge, fertility and conceiving, menopause, and pain during intercourse.

Our team also screens you for a number of cancers and sexually transmitted diseases, and we perform in-office surgical procedures.

Women’s health care at every age

Your health needs vary depending on your age. Our team at Artemis Advanced Office Gynecology is well-versed in the gynecological and health needs of women of all ages.

Here are some gynecological services you can expect as you get older:

Adolescence and young adulthood

If you’re a younger woman, our team ensures you receive vaccines for conditions like HPV and addresses any needs related to your menstrual cycle, including abnormal uterine bleeding

If you’re sexually active, our clinicians help you choose birth control that suits your needs, perform testing for STDs, and begin to screen you for conditions like cervical cancer.


As you move further into adulthood, you might continue to benefit from the same services that were important to you as an adolescent and young adult. In addition, this is a time you might be considering starting a family.

If you decide you’d like to become pregnant, our team can support you in conceiving, resolving various causes of infertility, including endometriosis, and addressing ectopic pregnancies. If your family is complete, we also perform permanent sterilization.

Menopause and older adulthood

In your 40s and 50s, when your childbearing years end, your hormonal balance changes, and you enter menopause. We can help relieve symptoms of menopause through treatments like bioidentical hormones and lifestyle changes.

We also ensure you get screening for cancers and conditions that are more common as you age, such as breast and colorectal cancer and osteoporosis. We help ensure you stay healthy and active, and quickly address any health issues that arise into your golden years.

Make your appointment today for gynecological care

Our team at Artemis Advanced Office Gynecology is an inclusive practice that proudly serves women from various backgrounds with various needs. Whatever your situation, we’re here to resolve your problems and keep you healthy and thriving.

To make your appointment for a well-woman exam or another women’s health or gynecological need, contact our team at 716-213-6685 to make an appointment.

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