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The Importance of Gynecological Care

From adolescence to menopause and beyond, women have medical needs that are unique to them. Here’s why it’s important for you, as a woman, to regularly receive gynecological care.

Dec 16th, 2020
Help for Your Hot Flashes

Hot flashes impact over two-thirds of women going through perimenopause or menopause, and they can cause you troublesome and inconvenient symptoms. Solutions like bioidentical hormone therapy offer you long-term relief.

Nov 11th, 2020
Small Surgery Options for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding is sometimes benign, but an atypical menstrual cycle can indicate an underlying health condition that requires small surgery. Discover more about the outpatient small surgical options available to you.

Oct 12th, 2020
Tips for Dealing With Heavy Periods

Getting your monthly period can be a nuisance, and when you have heavy or long-lasting menstrual flow, it can go from minor inconvenience to painful and disruptive. Learn how at-home and gynecological care can bring you relief.

Sep 9th, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Ectopic Pregnancy

When your fertilized egg implants somewhere other than your uterus, you have a potentially dangerous condition called an ectopic pregnancy. Discover everything you need to know about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of ectopic pregnancy.

Aug 19th, 2020
Here's How You Can Avoid a UTI This Summer

Urinary tract infections are painful and uncomfortable, and you’re more likely to get one during the summer than any other season. Here’s what you can do to prevent a UTI this summer and keep your summer fun and infection-free.

Jul 24th, 2020
Is a Birth Control Implant Right for You?

The Nexplanon® implant is a highly effective solution for women looking for long-term birth control. Keep reading to learn the benefits of the Nexplanon implant and see if it’s the right choice for you.

Jun 23rd, 2020
Can I Get Pregnant if I Have Endometriosis?

Endometriosis causes some women to have more difficulty conceiving, but most women with this condition can become pregnant. Learn more about how endometriosis can impact fertility and your options to improve your odds of pregnancy.

Apr 29th, 2020
Why You Should Never Ignore Abnormal Bleeding

Your monthly period should be a predictable event. But sometimes you bleed between periods or bleed heavily, which could be the sign that something isn’t right. Here’s why you should never ignore abnormal bleeding.

Mar 4th, 2020
A Holistic Approach to Gynecology

We find that many of our patients seek options that do not involve pharmaceutical medications. We embrace lifestyle medicine as the best approach to conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, heavy menstrual bleeding, or premenstrual dysphoric...

Feb 14th, 2020